Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

3.3m x 0.9m
cedar wood, rocks and leaves set in resin

The Tree of Life symbolises the connecting of all forms of creation from the heavens to the earth. Stories and images about trees can be found around the world and they play a significant role in the awakening of humanity. The Tree of Life does not belong to any one culture, it is outside any race or religion and its pattern is an intimate part of nature.

The trees can exist without us, but we cannot exist without them. The human race seems to have forgotten this, causing mass deforestation and imbalance to the whole eco system.

The female figure that stands at one with the tree, arms raised up with the branches toward the heavens, legs and feet down intertwining with the roots into the earth, is at one and in harmony with nature. Tree of Life reminds us that it is time to reconnect with nature, remembering the ways of our ancestors and indigenous peoples who equate each type of tree with a particular character or property, believing each to be inhabited by Spirit.

Since primordial times, the labyrinth was a metaphor for the soul. At birth the human enters the labyrinth, following the path to spiritual enlightenment. Labyrinth pathways always fold back upon themselves, as the “Great Turning” and the “Little Turning” represent initiation points along the journey. As the final goal, the centre of the labyrinth represents the reconnection to the Cosmic Consciousness where the soul achieves the full knowledge and after death, the spirit is reborn.


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