Return to the Source

Return to the Source

Return to the source

3m x 0.7m
cedar wood and glass


The sculpture Return to the Source is in honour of Aboriginal people.

In this image, the Mother and Child flow down into Celtic knot work. Growing up in Ireland – a Catholic country that rebelliously retained the essence of its ancient pagan, Celtic culture – I resonated with the indigenous people of this land when coming to live in Australia, perceiving a similarity with the Celts’ honour for Mother Earth’s rhythms and cycles.

The red light stands as a reminder that we are all of the same blood and the same source, to which we will all return. The wing is symbolic of the Angels and guides who watch over us all.


The WoodHenge Carvings

Celtic Cross Human Butterfly Lady of Light Male and Female
Mother and Child Mother Earth Return to the Source The Rising Goddess Tree of Life