Lady of Light


Lady of Light

3.5m x 1m
Cyprus wood and crystals


She looks out to you to connect, she is peaceful serene an Angel, she is a reminder of the angels that walk amongst us, sometimes we meet them in a smile from a stranger, some times we feel them and know that they are there and that we can always ask for guidance, help and protection.

Many of us have  been  programmed to believe that this is a world,  survival of  the fittest. The lady of light sculpture, she has come to remind you are never alone think of light and call her in and she will walk with you and guide you, protect you from harm and she will shine her light on you

The lower part of the sculpture has Celtic knot work the symbol triquetra (trinity).  Some Celtic meanings for the triquetra symbol include

Body – mind- spirit
mother- father- child
other world- mortal world-celestial world

But in this sculpture it means as it did to the ancient Celt it  signifies the three lunar or solar phases. We know that the Celts honoured the Great Mother Goddess Danu. Danu was considered as the mystic Mother Goddess of the Tuathe De Danann the Celtic tribes that  first landed in Ireland.

With the coming of Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century the church Christianised  the Celtic Goddess and she became known as St Bridget.

The WoodHenge Carvings

Celtic Cross Human Butterfly Lady of Light Male and Female
Mother and Child Mother Earth Return to the Source The Rising Goddess Tree of Life