Human Butterfly

Human Butterfly

Human Butterfly

3.7m x 0.7m
cedar wood, rocks, acrylic paint and gold and silver leaf guiding

The sculpture The Human Butterfly was the last of the nine sculptures of WoodHenge to be carved. Each sculpture tells a story together they can take the viewer on a journey and number nine tells of our present time on this Great Mother Earth.

The dove, is a symbol for peace and also a symbol for the Holy Spirit. The coming down of the Dove is symbolic of the Holy Spirit that is our connection line, similar to a telephone line connection. Hathors, with cat like features are 12ft to 16ft tall . The Hathor originally came from another Universe and from Sirius they came to our solar system through Venus. In the past they have worked through the Hathor fertility Goddess of ancient Egypt. They also made contact with the Tibetan lamas in the formative period of Tibetan Buddhism. Some of there unique techniques and practices about the use of sound come from the Hathor linage and teachings. Once again the Hathors have returned to help and guide us in our evolution.

We are in a great period of healing at all levels for humans, for this planet in all kingdoms and this solar system. And us humans hold the key for evolution and the assention of planet Earth. That key requires free will choice and what us humans choose, or do not choose, affects many kingdoms and this world. We are poised at a momentous time in history of consciousness on this planet. Something is occurring that has never occurred before. Humans are evolving from third to fifth dimensional beings.

The painted image of the human butterfly is symbolic of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar that transforms into a beautiful butterfly. So too are humans in this process of metamorphosis, transforming from third dimensional humans into fifth dimensional angelic humans. The human butterfly is within a full pregnant belly, this symbolic of Mother Earth she is also in assention and in the final stages of birthing a new earth.

For this process to be possible and successfully it is necessary for humans to be in their heart space. The carved gold guilt heart within the silver gilt diamond is symbolic of this. When we are in our heart space it is possible to be in the essence of divinity to connect and come into alignment with Father Mother God.

We have been given tools to help us and one of them is the violet flame. (on the left shoulder of the Hathor)

The dragon is symbolic of the ley lines. Earth is a living being and many of these invisible dynamics that the Earth emits interact between a human being and the planet. One unseen force is the ley lines. The greater grid system of this planet are the ley lines energy streams. The ancients of each civilisation knew the path of the ley lines and how to amplify the already abundant energy. Native tribes in America called them Spirit Paths, the Chinese called them Dragon lines and understood them to be the balance between the yin and the yang. And the Aborigines of Australia call them song Lines that interconnect through out this planet, these lines could be compared to the veins or meridians of the human body.

Our ancestors, they knew that Mother Earth supplied their physical needs, but also knew that these energy lines were a place to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual pain. They respected the strength of these unseen female powers of earth energy. Through out history our ancestors knew that ley lines, earth grids and vortexes were energy sources and centres that have been considered holy and they built on them pyramids, temples, Gothic cathedrals and megalith standing stones such as Stonehenge , and now l believe it is time to return to the ways of our ancestors, who knew that these energy points uplifted the individual consciousness, enhance self awareness and centred spiritually that fortified the soul.


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