About Ronnie

Ronnie Sexton
 Moving to England in 1988, she attended the London College of Furniture assisted by a grant from the Leche Trust, where she obtained her Higher Diploma and Graduateship in woodcarving and gilding at the City and Guilds of London Art school. Winning the coveted William Wheeler Prize for Outstanding Work, she was part of a selected group of artisans chosen to work on the five year restoration of Windsor Castle which had been severely damaged by fire. Since then she has worked on a number of commissions in Ireland, England, the USA, Malaysia and Australia.

In recent years Ronnie has allowed her strict European classical training in Gothic, Baroque and Rocco woodcarving to evolve into a more relaxed and free flowing style that forms the basis of her sculpture practice and WoodHenge exhibition. Unlike traditional carving where Ronnie was restricted to mostly copying traditional classical styles, “in sculpture I am free to channel from the source of my creativity and in doing so, capture this essence in my work. It is this essence that touches, resonates and uplifts the viewer. I believe this is the true job of an artist”.

You can find out about other works Ronnie has created at http://etherealstudios.com.au/